Become an IBM Certified Data Analyst

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Data analyst course in Chandigarh:

The data analyst course is one of the most in-demand courses and indeed one of the most required courses in today’s times. It has gained popularity majorly due to the dependency on data in the technical world. The need for a data analyst becomes all the more important. The use of data to identify the inefficiencies is addressed by a Data analyst. In fact, the major job profile of a data analyst is to handle the data and analyze the data. The data analyst course in Chandigarh for beginners is a good start. The pay scale also is quite good and the course offers different modules. The eligibility criteria vary for different levels of course. Moreover, there is a key role of programming languages like SQL and Python in data analysis. Business Intelligence tools also play a vital role in efficient data analysis.

Analytics is basically a tool through which one can determine data-driven insights. The job profile differs. Different roles in different jobs. There are different modules that focus on a wide range of data analysis. Therefore, a professional course can help a lot. With professional training, one can do it more precisely. Though it is an emerging field the future is quite promising.

What is a data analyst course?

The data analyst course in Chandigarh however offers quite a wide range of syllabus and tools through which one can pursue the career.

Different types of data analytics:

There are many types of data analytics. These are based on different parameters. They offer different results. The major kinds are:

  1. Descriptive Analytics.
  2. Diagnostic Analytics.
  3. Prescriptive Analytics.
  4. Predictive Analytics.

A good course with proper training can help you master these types. It is quite efficient to train yourself with the best of faculty and utilize the talent for a more professional outlook. A certification course can help one gain an edge over others and master in different fields of data analytics. Moreover, with proper guidance, one can achieve the best results in less time.

Key Institutions:

There are, however, many institutes offering certified and diploma data analyst course in Chandigarh. Each institute functions differently. However, the key role of all is to provide you with the best training and placements. There are some major and top-rated institutes. With an affordable fee structure, and flexibility of both online and offline classes. The best of guidance and placements. The key institutes indeed with great outcomes are :

  1. Jigsaw Academy.
  2. Simplilearn.
  3. Techedo Technologies.
  4. IBM.
  5. Edureka.
  6. Imarticus.

These institutes indeed offer very fine courses. The fee structure, however, differs from one to another. The pattern of the course almost remains the same but may differ from institute to institute. Today there are thousands of courses and academies available in the market. It is up to you to choose the best one for yourself.

 Top Placements for Data Analyst Diploma course:

A professional data analyst course offers very good placements. From big MNCs to great startups it has all. The earning potential which they offer is quite good. Based on your skills you can achieve greatness in the field. To ease down your search there are some top-rated institutions. The key organization offering a good career and a creative touch to your passion are:

  1. TCS.
  2. Cisco.
  3. Cignozant.
  4. Sony.
  5. Ercisson.
  6. Mu Sigma.

Data analyst course eligibility:

However, there are no particular eligibility criteria for becoming a data analyst as such. The are different kinds of data analyst courses.

For certification course:

However, for the certification course there no particular rule. You just have to register yourself for the best course. Most importantly, some basic skills can enable you to join a good course. A professional course provides almost every skill required.

For postgraduate courses:

There are some postgraduate courses also available in this. For that minimum qualification required is a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent. The degree should be most preferably in Science or Computer Science from a recognized university. If one wants to pursue this course then this much eligibility is a must. There are many top universities that offer good courses.

Syllabus or Modules of the Data Analyst course:

However, the job profile of a data analyst is quite wide in range and in fact it differs from organization to organization and in-fact what they need from their data analyst. This indeed assures that there is a wide range of syllabi or modules in a They are as follows:

  1. Data Structure.
  2. Text analysis.
  3. Data collection.
  4. Simulation.
  5. Relational Database.
  6. Business basics.
  7. Customer Analytics.

All in all, the data analyst course offers quite a good platform to train yourself for one of the most required and desired careers. Not only in India but outside India also. As the data shows that data analyst professionals earn around 428,800 INR in India and around $75,518 per annum in the U.S. There are quite a few Data Analytics Certification courses in India as well as in foreign countries. They provide the best guidance and professional training to grow a career in the field.

Role of Python and SQL in Data- Analytics:

SQL is a programming language used in managing data databases. This is one of the most used programming languages. Therefore, a data analyst can use the SQL tool, to analyze, manage and read data. The use of SQL and its benefits are as follows:

Major benefits of SQL in data analytics:

  1. Counting rows and items.
  2. Aggregation functions.
  3. Slicing data.
  4. Limiting data.
  5. Sorting data.
  6. Filtering Patterns.
  7. Groupings, rolling up data, and filtering in groups.

Some of the major benefits of python for a data analyst are:

Python is indeed an international programming language which makes it all the more important for data analytics. As a result, it helps a data analyst to analyze, manage and handle the data in a more precise way. It is in fact a cross-functional programming language offering much help to a data analyst. Although there are many programming languages, python ranks among the top. Here are some of the major benefits of python:

  1. High readability.
  2. Easy to learn.
  3. Flexibility.
  4. Sociability.
  5. Graphic and visualization tools.
  6. Analytical tools.

Henceforth, it is not wrong to mention that SQL and Python are indeed the two most promising and reliable tools in data analytics. With these tools, data analysis becomes easier. The tools help a data analyst a lot. These with some other programming languages like Javascript rank the topmost.

Business Intelligence Tools in Data-Analysis:

When you have a comprehensive approach to your data, it gives a more efficient outlook, eliminates inadequacies and adapts to changes. B.I. generally involves business analytics, data mining, infrastructure, data tools, querying, etc.

It further helps in data analysis in different ways, majorly,

  1. Firstly it helps, to identify ways to increase profit
  2. Secondly, in analyzing the customer behavior
  3. Comparing data.
  4. Track the  performance
  5. Optimizing operations
  6. Predict success
  7. Spot market trends
  8. At last, discovering issues or problems

Various Business Intelligence Tools:

Microsoft power B.I. in data analysis:

  1. It offers various advantages in data analysis like:
  2. Self-Service analytics at enterprise scale.
  3. Improves publishing efficiency and accuracy of the BI content.
  4. Streaming analytics in real-time.
  5. Strong and reliable results.

Microsoft Power BI is thus considered among the most influential and indeed reliable tools for data analysis. As a result, one can say that Microsoft Power BI is an excellent tool that helps in data analysis.

Tableau BI in data analysis:

It is a tool that helps to convert raw data into a very easily understandable format and is useful for both technical as well as non-technical users, and helps in providing efficiency at any level of organization.

Key features of the tool are:

  1. Data Blending
  2. Real-time analysis.
  3. Collaboration of data.

 Out of the two tableaus is a more preferred and used tool in today’s times than Microsoft power. Thus, B.I. plays a vital role in Business analytics and the a professional course can let you master the field and help grow and enhance a career in the same.

However, there are many data analyst courses online, which are there for beginners as well as mediocre which can help one grow into a professional data analyst. In conclusion, data analysis is a field of opportunities for everyone keener to grab them.